Inspiring life of a young man and special people around him.

I’m from South African and have just had the privilage of watching your inspiring film. To the Lewis family you raised a wonderful young man who new the importance of seizing the moment, you all are truly amazing people to have been able to help him achieve his dreams, I watched it with my 20 year old daughter, many tears were shed. Ali you are an amazing young lady and your mom too knowing what lay ahead for you. I pray the road ahead is filled with joy and laughter. From Belinda

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What An Awesome Inspiring Young Man

I have only just watched Alex’s remarkable story last night, this story really touched my heart! Alex truly has a wonderful heart and soul, the positive energy that he portrayed was so inspiring! being a mother of two children it just breaks your heart to see what Alex and his family went through, my heart goes out to them! I am sure this young man is an Angel looking over all of us! what a wonderful wonderful human being!
The strength Alex showed was amazing! and it was so wonderful that he found love!
My thoughts are with Alex’s family and friends

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Live everyday like it’s your last day

A friend of mine died 12 years ago because of the same kind of cancer Alex had. I was always afraid to watch documentarys or movies about people who suffer from cancer since then knewing that I would cry my heart out. But somehow I couldn’t stop watching the documentary last night on television. Alex seemed like a strong, extremely friendly kind of guy I wish I’d knew and be friends with in my life. I was so happy when they showed the story about Ali and Alex’ wedding and how happy the both of them seemed to be. I’m so happy for the both of them. This documentary kinda helped my heart after 12 years to kinda heal. This has been the first time ever since my friend died that I can cry again knowing that she enjoyed every second of life before she died. Thanks for the documentary and for the sneek peak of Alex’ wonderful life. Greetings to Alli and her wonderful family from Austria :)) Conny

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heartbreaking & encouraging

I just watched a short documentary on German television about Alex and I cried.
I didn’t know him, but his will to live was so impressive and how wonderful all you people have been!

And I cried cause a lot of people at work are sick of cancer or already died. today I talked to a customer who’s husband died of cancer and she cried sometimes but also laughed when she told me about some trips they made.

My grandpa died 9 month after I was born but I am glad, that we “met” at least once.

How did a friend say today… we can fly to the moon but there is still no perfect cure for cancer. 😦

Alex – thanks for letting me be a part of your life!
All the best for Ali, the family and friends! He will always live in million of people hearts!
greetings and hugs from Germany

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Living Life to the Fullest

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lewis,

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing Alex to the world. He’s indeed an inspiration. I am a fellow Aquarian who also loves life and travel and like Alex, my family and friends means the world to me. Though I didn’t know your son personally, halfway across the world he has changed my life forever. Every time I remember his story it lifts me up. And it makes me weep with joy knowing in my heart that angels do exist.

I have written a couple of entries on my blog dedicated to Alex. Hopefully more people gets to hear his story. The world will be a much better place if there are more people like Alex!

Before I saw the documentary on BBC 3, I always lived life with apprehension. Now I have learned to let go of worries and fears. Now, I try and do something new everyday however scary it may seem to me.

Thank you Alex for reminding me that every waking day is a blessing and that each new day should be lived like it’s the last! I will forever be grateful. Gezellig!

Best regards,
Karla Stride

Blog entries dedicated to Alex:

Living Life to the Fullest & BBC 3 Documentary: Alex – A Life Fast Forward

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Alex – A Life Fast Forward

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I have just watched the BBC documentry about Alex and all i can say is what an amazing person!! Whilst watching it i couldnt help but feel extremely sad for the whole family having to deal with knowing such an amazing person may not have that long to live however after watching the whole film that sadness turned into something much more positive. He was truly blessed, what amazing friends and family alike and left his life being made what looked like the happiest man alive by his beautiful wife who also is a true inspiration! Towards the end of the film, although not there in person Alex seemed to live on in spirit.

Truly Inspiring.
My thoughts go out to all of his friends and family.
Godbless xx

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Ali and family, I’ve watched the documentary quite a few times now – what you had and what you still have is beautiful.

Alex was and you are truly amazing, brave, strong and courageous people as are both of your families. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey, I must admit I cried many times as i’m sure you did – you couldn’t not find it hugely emotional. I did clap lots when you got married!!

I wish Alex was still alive and you could spend the rest of your lives together…the only thing there is to do is move forward – I’m so glad to see how many people want to do something to respect and honour Alex’s and your name and i’ll be sure to get involved in supporting the Bone Cancer Research Trust and anything else I can do to help in every possible way I can – whatever I can do. My brother was also born at the JR.

Thanks again for something which actually gave me a huge amount of strength through yours and Alex’s strength. Your documentary shows how love can get you through anything and defies every norm! It just took me a while to fully understand the true extent of Alex’s legacy. I hope and I pray that the drug companies get their act together and I will be pushing it as much as I can!


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Life Affirming

I didnot know Alex but watched the film Alex A Life Fast Forward the other night. I cannot get over his courage and spirit and that of those around him. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all and allowing us to be inspired by this brave and beautiful man’s story. My mother died of cancer when I was a child and she too was much loved and her memory has lived on as Alex’s will. It is the quality of the man that will live on. I will urge all I know to watch on iplayer and contribute to the Trust so we can beat this cruel disease once and for all. With all my love and thanks Susan Edwards

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When the programme had finished I was overwhelmed with a sense of an ‘aliveness’ for life that only Alex knew (in my experience) so there was no way I could contemplate that he was no longer smiling that beaming joyous gentle warm and loving smile. For those he touched whether in real life or through the programme, we are blessed. And GEZILLIG lives forever. I loved Ali’s matching tattoo. So so sweet. Thank you family and friends for your wonderful contributions, and yes Alex thank you….you shining star.

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