My lovely Alex

I feel so lucky to have known Alex even though it was only for a year. It was the most incredible year of my life and it made me so happy to hear it was the happiest of his too. Getting to know Alex as a friend in Australia was the best start to a relationship. We got on immediately and when I returned to the UK in May we were inseparable from the 4th June onwards.We shared so much in the next few months and when he proposed to me in September I really thought I was the luckiest girl in the world and I still do today. Alex has bought me so much happiness and the sadness I am experiencing now is somehow worth it. Marrying Alex was the best decision I have ever made and I really am proud to be a Lewis.

The morning after Alex proposed

Much needed gin & tonic before Alex proposed

Ali Lewis

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2 Responses to My lovely Alex

  1. robert heltom says:

    Hi ide first like to say that i only know alex and his faimily and friends fron the bbc show i watched just tonight and what a shame that is to , however having said that i feel privilaged to have even got to known that much , i was so moved by his and your story and stangly how up lifting it was . I know there must of been alot of tuff times to. but i greatly admire how possitive he was to the very last moment and what a great group of people he had around him to the very end and beyond. He managed so much in the short time that he had im nearly twice his age and i think i have not done much more then him in what i though has been a fairly full life , i think ive just realized that i may need to step it up a gear or two , i think thanks to him that everyone should live everyday to its fullest not because of what migth or might not happen but because there is so much in life to see and do . anyway i just wanted to tell you what a great husband , son, brother ,sister and friend i met tonight but im sure you already know this. thank you for sharing his story with all of us .

    yours truly
    rob helton

  2. Stacey Pearson says:

    Hiya, my mam had recorded alex’s program for me as she said is was very upsetting but had to be watched. After watching it tonight, with floods of tears down my face and swallowing numerous lumps in my throat, I can honestly say what an incredible person he was! His happy smile even makes me feel the need to put a smile on my face day in day out. How on earth he containted himself for so long, through such agony, he really is a fighter! Ide like to say congratulations on your wedding ali and of course Alex, as im sure your looking down on your family and friends every single day. I hope all of you are coping and I feel so upset at the fact such an amazing and innocent person has been taken away so soon, yet other individuals who make peoples lives misery are still living. Lastly ide like to say what a blessing it is for you to share your story with everyone and how hard it must of been for you to watch it yourselves, let alone film it.
    All the best,
    Stacey Pearson – 17 years.

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