Watching Fulham

My single overriding memory of Alex is a Fulham one. Although Alex and I were never really close friends, he still was the only person I’ve known who was a Fulham fan of a similar age to me, as well as the only friend I’ve had who supported Fulham.

Back in the 2008/09 season (the season which would see Fulham qualify for Europe, setting up that incredible run to Hamburg the following year), I travelled down from university to watch Fulham play at Portsmouth. I had dragged Callum along with me, and as we took our seats in the away end, Alex and his dad turned up purely by chance and sat in the row behind us.

I can remember that Peter Crouch put Pompey ahead in the second half, before Clint Dempsey popped up to equalise with only a couple of minutes left. Dempsey ran down in front of the Fulham fans to celebrate.

As I was jumping around like a madman, I can remember turning around to Alex and celebrating with him. Whilst it was all going on, he turned around and hugged his Dad. I personally have great memories of going to Fulham with my Dad before he moved back to Scotland, and I’m sure Alex did too. This moment really sums all of that up for me.

This was the only time I actually sat with Alex at a Fulham match, and it will always be my strongest memory of him due to the Fulham connection.

His attitude to life is an inspiration, and his kindness and generosity even whilst he was suffering is something I will never forget. He even let me use his season ticket once to go and see a home game against Man. United (we won 3-0!). The fact that he thought to offer me the ticket once he knew he wouldn’t be able to go that day sums up Alex and the kindness he showed to others despite what he was going through.

I will always think of him whenever I go back to Craven Cottage and see him smiling down on the Whites, particularly when I sit on the old wooden seats in the Johnny Haynes Stand.

Dan Kemp

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