Alex is wix

One of the funniest memories I have of Alex is when we were out at one of Duncan’s nights in Birmingham and had all had quite a few beers and danced the night away. Alex, Ali and I got a taxi back to Mum and Dad’s and Alex kept saying how hungry he was on the way (he was taking a lot of steroids so had a crazy appetite). We got home and discovered Mum’s leftover chicken in the fridge. Alex proceeded to eat the entire dish full of chicken whilst Ali and I watched in amusement – he finished that and said he was still hungry and then tried to find some sweets!

Other funny memories I have are when Alex smashed a jar of pickled onions all over the floor in the kitchen in Brightwell (we laughed a lot about that one), decorating him with glittery bows and parcel tags on Christmas day (not sure why he let me do that to him!) and drinking pints of snake bite and black in the red lion (something I probably haven’t done for 10 years).

I didn’t know Alex for very long but in the short time I did know him he brought a lot of happiness into my life. Meeting the Lewis family and all of Alex’s friends has been and continues to be amazing and I look forward to lots more fun in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell in the future. I am proud to have Alex as a brother-in-law and so glad he made my little sister so happy, I’ll always remember his cheeky grin and his amazing attitude to life.


The chicken night

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