InspirationAL AL!

My name is Mary and the above photo is my favourite photo of Alex. Most of you reading this won’t know who I am as I, unfortunately, only knew Alex for a very short period of time. I only met him just over a year ago and got to know him over the few weeks while we were both travelling up the coast of Australia. But it was enough time for me to realise what an amazing person he was. It is unusual in life to meet someone who in a short space of time can have a strong impact on others but Alex had that effect on me, which stands to reason given the fantastic, fun, kind man that is Alex Lewis.

We shared many a laugh alongside his great friends Emily, Tom, Luke and his wife to be Ali while in Oz and I will always cherish those memories. I have just posted photos from our days on the Whitsundays boat. What a trip that was! This is a pic of us having the best time ever in a jacuzzi on board the boat..

The crew of the boat dug out a chest full of dress up clothes and we all got right into the spirit of it as you can see from this hilarious photo of Alex!

On one of the days many of our friends went to do their deep sea dives (I did mine later) and Alex & and I remained on the boat. A few others on the boat started to jump off it into the sea and within seconds Alex was totally up for it! He wanted me to do it too but being the wuss that I am I suggested that I be his official photographer instead! And I’m so glad I did because I got to witness his excitement and sheer happiness while plunging repeatedly into the sea from a height. He was truly in his element and I’m so happy that I was there to share in it. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.

When I heard the news of Alex’s passing, which left me shocked and so so sad, I wrote to his father to express my sincere condolences and in to attempt to convey how loved Alex was by people who only had a matter of weeks with him. Andy has said it would be nice if the email was on the site so I am going to paste it here…

Hi Andy,

My name is Mary Hennessy, I’m an Irish girl who was lucky enough to met and get to know your fabulous son Alex.
I met him and his great friends Emily, Tom, Luke and of course Alison in Australia last March. We travelled up the coast together over the course of a few weeks. I just wanted to send you, your family and Ali my most sincere condolences. I’m devastated by the news as i’m sure everybody else is who was lucky enough to meet him.

As you know Alex was such a special guy, so kind, good humoured and just generally a pleasure to be around. It is beyond unfair that he had that awful illness. But while searching for positives I am so pleased for him that he had the joy of falling in love with and later marrying Ali. He was so happy when we were travelling and from his photos on facebook I know that despite his illness he continued to do things he loved over the year. I told Alex personally one day while on a long bus journey up the coast of Oz that he really inspired me and that is nothing less than the truth. I will never forget him nor his ability to remain so positive and fun loving despite his circumstances. When we were on the boat travelling around the Whitsunday islands he, due to his condition, was unable to partake in a deep sea dive. I like everybody else was given that opportunity but had turned it down due to in all honesty a fear of sharks! When I realised that Alex was unfortunate to have the choice taken away from him because of the lung surgery he had had I realised that I was so fortunate to be able to just go ahead and do it without worrying about such things that I felt i should do it, so i did the dive. He inspired me to make the most out of life while I can because someday maybe the options will be taken away from me like they were cruelly taken from him. Despite having such limatations put on him though he never once complained. I have nothing but sheer admiration for him.

Most unfortunately I will be unable to make it to England for the funeral but I really wanted to express my deep affection for Alex and to tell you that I am thinking of you all at this awful time. If you could pass my sympathies on to Ali and his wonderful friends and to your family I would really aprreciate it.

With love and prayers,
Mary Hennessy

Alex you are an inspirational legend of a man who I will never forget. I am so happy I got the chance to know you. I only wish I could have had more time with you. Whenever I get the chance I will not be cowardly & I’ll jump into the ocean from a height just for you!
I promise you this pal you will never be forgotten by your Irish friend, Mary xxx

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  1. Mary Hennessy says:

    Alex as promised I did the jump! I not only jumped off a high point from a boat but I also jumped off a bridge into the ocean too! They were both for you. I still cant believe I did it. I was terrified at the time but i really felt like you were encouraging me so I went for it! Hope I did you proud pal xxx

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