A year ago today was one of the happiest nights of my life. We had a big reunion in Swansea with all of my friends and all of Emily’s. Alex and I had been texting quite a bit to say we were excited to see each other but I never imagined the night to turn out like it did. It started by me hearing ‘Burger!! Buuuurrrrger!’ And it was Em and Al looking for me (Alex used to call me AliBurger because apparently there’s a burger shop in Portsmouth called that!) I was so happy and excited to see them both. I remember thinking Alex looked especially good that night. A few drinks later Alex kissed me at the bar and things were never quite the same after that.

I should probably apologise to everyone else who was there that night because we were inseparable from that moment on. Alex said he wanted to walk me home but he had no idea where the house was he was meant to be staying at so I ended up walking him home. It was such an amazing night and the beginning of the most special relationship I can even imagine. I felt like I fell in love straight away last year on this date.

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