my memory of Alex

Unfortunately I’ve only know Alex a few years but I must say meeting him was one of the best things to happen to me.
I, being good friends with Jordan and Ross has heard a lot about Alex throughout his illness and had felt some of the pain of the boys and also Alex watching them go through such an awful situation that couldn’t be wished upon anyone. When I finally met Alex I couldn’t believe it was the same person that the boys had told me was ill. He was the life and soul of every party and always up for a night out. We spent quite a few drunken nights in Bournemouth with Alex and the other boys when we were lucky enough to have them down to visit and they genuinely were some of the best nights I had down there. I often went out with Ross and Alex etc and would always bring my housemates too and Alex being Alex got on with everyone instantly and enjoyed every night to the fullest. I remember one Sunday when Jordan came down for mid placement and Alex came too. We decided it would be an excellent idea to all go to Snakebite Sunday despite having Uni at 9am the next day. There Alex was constantly sending us to the bar and downing pints of snakebite and throwing ping pong balls at us whilst getting up to mischief with Ross. Safe to say I felt the worst I have in a long while the next day. We spent many other great nights with Alex and Ross including a couple of nights at Orange rooms, and the standard lollipops including a great night when all the boys came down and we played a heated game of beer pong – in which I’m pretty sure the girls team won against the boys?! haha. I think Josh was the only one to admit we had actually won! I must say Alex is genuinely one of the kindest, most sincere and genuine people I have ever met and I won’t forget him . He had really inspired me to make the most of life and every situation just as he did. He even gave me some inspiration for a new tattoo saying ‘Believe’ after all that’s what Alex did everyday throughout his life. He will be sorely missed and there will be a big gap without him.
Jessica x

Beer Pong night

Pre-drinking before a certain Snakbite Sunday...

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  1. Owen says:

    I just watched A life Fast Forward ( apologies if I got the name wrong as I only chanced across the program by chance on iplayer) and am speechless. What an amazing personality and what a loss to all is family and friends.

    I am not sure what exactly I feel, but will be going about my day with a totally different view of the world.

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