Thank you…

Hello,I’m a student of a similar age to Alex.

Having just watched his documentary, I was incredibly moved by his resolve and strong grip on life despite his unfortunate circumstance. Also Ali’s strength to support him was incredible.

Having witnessed recently the death of my Grandfather, from cancer I have seen how rapidly people can deteriorate…and I wish my grandad had, had the optimistic view that Alex upheld, as his last few days would have been a lot brighter.

Alex should be seen as an inspiration to everybody not just those who are suffering from illness, as his philosophy of living life with a smile would do everyone some good!

I didn’t know Alex personally, but thank you for sharing him with us via the documentary, I wish I had met him – he seemed like a fantastic guy with true zest, (which is a very rare thing!) you were all very lucky to have had the chance to know him.

I wish both family and friends the best for the future! xx

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  1. EdPhillips says:

    Hi. I’d like to utter the same comments as the previous posts by hopping that no one minds me posting as I did not know Alex.
    I am not easily moved – but I felt compelled to write something after seeing the wonderful documentary. Alex must have been one hell of a guy – his courage, enthusiasm and what appeared to be infectious love of life came smashing through the TV screen!
    I’d like to thank his family, friends and amazing wife (where her strength comes from I do not know!) for letting the world catch a glimpse of this incredible man.
    You all must be very proud of Alex, but you should also be proud of yourselves, as a person is shaped by those around him…
    Thank you again, and I wish you all the best for the future.

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