I watched the programme on Thursday and ever since I’ve watched it I’ve been thinking about it since. Last year I lost a friend to cancer she was only 18! Watching Alex programme did bring back a few of the emotions but it has made me look at life in a total different way. I can totally understand what Alex’s family and friends have been through my going through it myself. Even though it is the hardest thing to go through it does get better in time. I can’t imagine the impact it has had on many people who knew Alex. Although watching the programme has made me feel so much empathy towards people who have the illness and may have lost their fight towards cancer. It definitely has made me want to support families and help other sufferers of this cancer.

It is such an emotional documentary it brought me to tears at the end. It shows you how someone who is terminally ill can make the most out of life and it sometimes makes you wonder how we sometimes don’t realise how some of us are lucky in life. Alex is a total inspiration towards others and people can learn and begin to cherish life! We should all take on board Alex’s positivity towards life he has truly made me realise how precious life is and that we should follow his attitude towards life. Although it is very sad that the outcome is upsetting watching the programme has made me become more aware of cancer as a whole. All my condolences go to Alex’s family and friends and his wife Ali! What an inspiration family I wish all the best to family and friends who knew Alex although I didn’t know Alex he seemed like a lovely person and im sure he will be truly missed by family and friends. Rest in peace Alex x

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  1. Donal says:

    I just wanted to say Alex was a beautiful young man in every way. I know as a family you can only feel so proud of him.
    I have had my children, 2 young boys (7,(6 today) and a little girl (4) late in life. Watching ‘Alex, A life Fast Forward’ reminds me how precious every day with them is even when they want to drive me nuts.
    To see a glimpse of his life was lovely and so heart-breaking at the same time. It is the only time I have ever admittted to my wife to having shed a tear.
    My words are not beautifully composed and I have never done such a thing as this but I hope as part of a collective of messages they can help give you some solace.

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