To Alex’s Family and Friends

I was alerted to the TV programme about Alex by the article in the Abingdon Herald. I have to say it was one of the most moving and inspiring programmes I can ever recall watching. Having reached the age when the impermanence of life has suddenly hit me, it was an astounding lesson in living for the moment and accepting whatever the future may hold. I send you all, and especially Ali, warm wishes for your own futures, whatever may be in store. May your memories of Alex enrich your lives.

I am closely associated with the Earth Trust and recognised the barn where you held the wedding, and your walks over Wittenham Clumps. I don’t think I will visit this lovely place again without thinking of Alex. Maybe I will see some of you there one day. If I do, I will smile as I walk by.


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1 Response to To Alex’s Family and Friends

  1. Patrick child says:

    I have just watched ‘A Life Fast Forward’ and simply want to say thank you to you all. I have been truly inspired by Alex and the family. What a fantastic legacy he has left by this astonishing film that shows us all how to live life. Thank you.

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