6 months ago today Alex and I got married and it really was the perfect wedding. Although Alex wasn’t feeling his best, he somehow managed to keep a smile on his face for the entire day. I will never forget seeing his face smiling back at me as I walked down the aisle and that incredible feeling when Jeremy announced we were husband and wife. Our favourite part of the day was walking out the church hand in hand and greeting all our amazing family and friends who had all worked so hard to make our special day so perfect

Alex’s speech was definitely a tear jerker and I am so grateful to Emma for recording it with him before the wedding and for Duncan who sorted out the speakers so we could all listen to it. And for Jamie to follow with such an inspirational speech was truly incredible.

I will be thinking of this wedding all day today and how special it was. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the help from our incredible family and friends. Love you so much Alex, I will never forget how happy you made me


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