I know the feeling…

I’m sitting watching “A Life Fast Forward” and I felt compelled to do a search for Alex. I’m so sorry to see that he has passed away.

I was a regular 28 year old in 2003 when I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a heart condition which causes the heart to grow larger than is usual and it cannot therefore pump properly. The doctors think I contacted a virus whilst in Africa which attacked my heart. Unlucky me. However I was graced with a heart transplant after only a few weeks on the transplant list in September 2003, but my life has radically changed since that time. I take a lot of drugs to stop my body rejecting my new heart, and unfortunately one of the side effects of these intensive drug courses is an increased susceptibility to cancer. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in November 2005, and had an operation and radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

So I can fully understand how Alex must have felt. The cancer treatment is tough. My life is limited as with any transplant, it is not a cure, but a prolonging of the inevitable. I am glad Alex and Ali found love before the end. I married in 2004 and have since had two children, with another one due next week. So I have been blessed, due to the thoughtful actions of a family who let their son or father or brother lend me their heart for a few years. Thank you.

I live life to the full. I’ve traveled the world; had many experiences; met so many amazing people. I have some wonderful friends and family that support me, and I can see the positivity that surrounded Alex. I hope people will see this positive attitude and apply it to their lives. Life is so precious, and we should all try to live the best life we can. Remember the good times, and celebrate a life that was lived.

If there is a heaven, I look forward to meeting you, Alex; I think we could have a good chat. 🙂

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2 Responses to I know the feeling…

  1. Andy Parker says:

    I consider myself to be a pretty tough guy but I have just cried my eyes out watching this documentary, with sadness and also happiness watching your outlook on life !
    Alex if you can hear me .. you were a true credit to your family, friends and young wife.
    Your life should be an inspiration to all and when my time comes, if I can face death with your unbelievable bravery then I’ll die happy.
    Rest in peace young man !

  2. sisuzsam says:


    I too watched this last night on BBC 1 last night. I am 38 bloke, have a four year old and one on the way and whilst this was heartbreaking to watch, and it really was. I also took loads of positivity from Alex and his family and to Ali who was immense in every way….

    Alex’s Dad reading the note at the end of the film that Alex had left in his bed reduced me to a right mess and i fell asleep thinking of my daughter.

    What a superb family and i wish you all the happier times ahead.

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