Inpirational young man

I hope you don’t mind me posting to this site,I did not know Alex but randomly caught the documentary on his life late last night. He was the same age as my daughter…I cried and laughed the whole way through…he had such amazing courage…I know saying I laughed sounds wrong…but he seemed to be such fun and what a beautiful boy with such a lovely smile and so full of life.I felt so angry that all this could be taken away from him and his wife and family..that’s why we must keep working to kick the crap out this awful disease.x

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2 Responses to Inpirational young man

  1. Frank says:

    Looking at documentary as I post, very sad

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thankyou Alex, for making me appreciate life more, you are an inspirational person and a person that I will never forget after seeing your documentary. I hope you are as happy in your next life. Such a brave man who had too short a life. I shed many tears watching. Lots of love to you and your lovely wife and family xxxx

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