Ali and family, I’ve watched the documentary quite a few times now – what you had and what you still have is beautiful.

Alex was and you are truly amazing, brave, strong and courageous people as are both of your families. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey, I must admit I cried many times as i’m sure you did – you couldn’t not find it hugely emotional. I did clap lots when you got married!!

I wish Alex was still alive and you could spend the rest of your lives together…the only thing there is to do is move forward – I’m so glad to see how many people want to do something to respect and honour Alex’s and your name and i’ll be sure to get involved in supporting the Bone Cancer Research Trust and anything else I can do to help in every possible way I can – whatever I can do. My brother was also born at the JR.

Thanks again for something which actually gave me a huge amount of strength through yours and Alex’s strength. Your documentary shows how love can get you through anything and defies every norm! It just took me a while to fully understand the true extent of Alex’s legacy. I hope and I pray that the drug companies get their act together and I will be pushing it as much as I can!


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