Living Life to the Fullest

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lewis,

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing Alex to the world. He’s indeed an inspiration. I am a fellow Aquarian who also loves life and travel and like Alex, my family and friends means the world to me. Though I didn’t know your son personally, halfway across the world he has changed my life forever. Every time I remember his story it lifts me up. And it makes me weep with joy knowing in my heart that angels do exist.

I have written a couple of entries on my blog dedicated to Alex. Hopefully more people gets to hear his story. The world will be a much better place if there are more people like Alex!

Before I saw the documentary on BBC 3, I always lived life with apprehension. Now I have learned to let go of worries and fears. Now, I try and do something new everyday however scary it may seem to me.

Thank you Alex for reminding me that every waking day is a blessing and that each new day should be lived like it’s the last! I will forever be grateful. Gezellig!

Best regards,
Karla Stride

Blog entries dedicated to Alex:

Living Life to the Fullest & BBC 3 Documentary: Alex – A Life Fast Forward

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