Live everyday like it’s your last day

A friend of mine died 12 years ago because of the same kind of cancer Alex had. I was always afraid to watch documentarys or movies about people who suffer from cancer since then knewing that I would cry my heart out. But somehow I couldn’t stop watching the documentary last night on television. Alex seemed like a strong, extremely friendly kind of guy I wish I’d knew and be friends with in my life. I was so happy when they showed the story about Ali and Alex’ wedding and how happy the both of them seemed to be. I’m so happy for the both of them. This documentary kinda helped my heart after 12 years to kinda heal. This has been the first time ever since my friend died that I can cry again knowing that she enjoyed every second of life before she died. Thanks for the documentary and for the sneek peak of Alex’ wonderful life. Greetings to Alli and her wonderful family from Austria :)) Conny

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