Inspiring life of a young man and special people around him.

I’m from South African and have just had the privilage of watching your inspiring film. To the Lewis family you raised a wonderful young man who new the importance of seizing the moment, you all are truly amazing people to have been able to help him achieve his dreams, I watched it with my 20 year old daughter, many tears were shed. Ali you are an amazing young lady and your mom too knowing what lay ahead for you. I pray the road ahead is filled with joy and laughter. From Belinda

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  1. HI,
    I am also from Cape Town, South Africa and watched the story of Alex’s journey (with his Wonderful family and wife) last night Sunday 22 February,which by chance is the day of their wedding and his birthday.
    What a fantastic person! What a wonderful family!
    Thank you for sharing him with the world!
    Blessings Tania

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