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  1. I have just finished watching Life Fast Forward. I’ve just about stopped crying too. What a beautiful young man, amazing family and fantastic friends and wife. Despite the tradgedy of someone so loving and giving dying young, I find myself marvelling at how lucky he was too. I believe his was a life that was meant to change the lives of others, and after watching that programme, i have no doubt of his lasting legacy. Rest in peace Alex. You had more honour than most people I have ever met put together.

  2. I’ve just watched A life fast forward on BBC3 , I was captivated and also humbled by Alex’s zest for life such a lovely person, Wishing you all lots of love from Melanie 🙂 xx

  3. Karl Dolan says:

    What a lovely lovely wonderfully beautiful programme. Alex is shining testimony to the people who surrounded his life and now carry his spirit forward with their their own. You are lucky to have him and he was blessed to have you. Perfect!

  4. Delight :) says:

    Having just watched the documentary on bbc three I was brought to overwhelming tears. I admired Alex himself and his family for the way they lived their positive life. I only hope that Ali is comforted and remains close to Alex’s Friends and Family.
    Rest in perfect please Alex and I can only pray that you and your Family meet again.

  5. Annon says:

    I am a chemistry undergrad student and am looking to graduate into the world of anti-cancer drug synthesis. After watching the documentary on BBC3 I wish that I could only dedicate any tiny insignificant contibution I may make to this field to people like Alex.
    What an absolutly amazing man.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Alex: A Life Fast Forward…Profoundly touching and truly truly inspiring. xxx

  7. Neil Gadsby says:

    What a brave man and what a lovely family,writing this as I wipe away the tears.
    All through this brilliant programme I was willing him to get better knowing that wasn’t going to happen.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.


  8. I have watched Alex: A life fast forward, twice now, and i have to say i sobbed:0( But want to thank the family for sharing such a touching story. The courage and strength that Alex showed was humbling, and i found the programme deepy touching. I was having a day yesterday funnily enough where i was just moaning about anything and everything, and then i sat and watched Alex’s programme, and felt ashamed at myself for moaning over trivial things. It certinally give me a kick up my butt! His wife Ali was amazing too as were his friends and family. Much love to them all, and again thanks for sharing this. xxxxxxxxxxx God Bless Alex xxxxx

  9. Louise says:

    I watched the programme too last night, I would have loved to have known Alex and for the hour I got to know him, I was touched by his profound ability to be the ultimate human being. He appeared like a walking angel, I would like to say that his parents and friends are all very beautiful people too. Many people go through life not having an ounce of the courage he had. His spirit was uplifting and very influential. May it live on x

  10. Kirsty Payne says:

    I hope you don’t mind me posting here but I just wanted to say what a brilliant, amazing and inspirational guy! It was a life cut short but with his fantatsic personality and amazingly positive outlook he seemed to have lived 10 lives put together and positively affected those around him in a way that won’t be forgotten, especially that smile and zest for life! Also, what a wonderfully warm and loving family, a soul mate and loving wife in Ali and true friends, who are all very fortunate to have each other…and especially fortunate to have had Alex in your lives. Even without knowing him, I think he’s 1 in a zillion!

  11. Just watched Alex and Ali’s story on BBC IPlayer.
    I recently lost an old friend to bone & prostate cancer and went to his funeral this week.
    Alex’s story was true inspiration, show others how to be positive and live life to the full.
    Best wishes to Ali for the future and all families.
    The Funeral Lady

  12. sooki says:

    what an amazing and inspirational guy
    A truly moving film
    Thanks for the opportunity to meet Alex

  13. stuart lester says:

    Truely inspirational. I am in awe of Alex, Ali, and all their friends and family. Alex has given me a perspective for life, that I’m not sure I could have found myself. Thank you Alex. x

  14. katherine brown says:

    This has been pulling at my heartstrings all day.I have been overwhelmed with emotion,I pray that Alex is looking down from heaven at his beautiful wife and family and I hope he is very proud of himself for having to face such a cruel outcome.I send my love to ali,I feel so lucky to still have my husband and my girls.god bless look after each other.

  15. vicky o'dowed says:

    Watched this programme last night and cried buckets, write this now and still wiping away tears. I lost my younger brother to this terrible illness last year and felt everything that you and your family were going through. You are such an inspiration and I can only hope you are partying hard where you are and looking down on us fondly.

  16. Never before has a programme affected me so deeply, I was reduced to tears throughout and couldnt stop thinking about Alex, Ali and his family, I feel ashamed to moan about silly things when you see what these lovely people have had to endure. The bravery this young man showed was absolutely incredible!!!! I wish Ali, Alex’s parents, family and friends all the best for the future, Rest in peace Alex, a young life cut too short, Why is it always the good ones???? Sending loving thoughts Margo.xx

  17. Daphne says:

    Thank you to Alex, Ali and families for sharing this with us. So moving, uplifting and of course extremely sad and such courage shown by Alex. The scribbled note shown at the end made me crumble. I salute you Alex, you are and will always be remembered by many.

  18. ive just watched a life fast forward and i just want to say what an amazing man alex was, i was willing him to get better through the whole program, i was in tears all way through, i think he has an amazingly wonderful wife in Ali and she is so brave, and his friends and family are wonderful too and it taught me to live life to the full and appreciate all lifes experiences because you never know when it could end, i wish all people who love alex find peace and hapiness in the future and know that alexs life has inspired many….. RIP Alex and i hope u and all your loved ones will meet again someday… love to all his loved ones…. Laura x

  19. natasha says:

    What a beautiful person you were. May you rest in your wonderfull world in heaven and may your family and wife be blessed with happiness and peace.

    Your story was very touching and makes me think of how lucky I am and what a wonderfull life i live and how i will try and become more happy go lucky xx

    God Bless

  20. Darren Coleman says:

    I was very touched by Alex’s story. His bravery and the positive way he dealt with his illness is an inspiration . You must be very proud of him.

    Thank you for letting us get know Alex in what was a very sensitively produced programme.

    RIP Alex

  21. kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing Alex with us, what an amazing person he was and he was lucky to have such amazing friends and family around him. With love to you all xxx

  22. ncope says:

    truly touched by this story – puts us all to shame !!!

  23. Eva Murphy says:

    I was so deeply moved by Alex’s story. I really and truly was. He was such a beautiful person, of such remarkable energy and strength and it was heartbreaking and inspiring to watch his story. I think his family are just amazing. Wonderful wonderful people. I am so so sorry for their loss.

  24. rosemary says:

    I watched the programme on Thursday and ever since I’ve watched it I’ve been thinking about it since. Last year I lost a friend to cancer she was only 18! Watching Alex programme did bring back a few of the emotions but it has made me look at life in a total different way. I can totally understand what Alex’s family and friends have been through by going through it myself. Even though it is the hardest thing to go through it does get better in time. I can’t imagine the impact it has had on many people who knew Alex. Although watching the programme has made me feel so much empathy towards people who have the illness and may have lost their fight towards cancer. It definitely has made me want to support families and help other sufferers of this cancer.

    It is such an emotional documentary it brought me to tears at the end. It shows you how someone who is terminally ill can make the most out of life and it sometimes makes you wonder how we sometimes don’t realise how some of us are lucky in life. Alex is a total inspiration towards others and people can learn and begin to cherish life! We should all take on board Alex’s positivity towards life he has truly made me realise how precious life is and that we should follow his attitude towards life. Although it is very sad that the outcome is upsetting watching the programme has made me become more aware of cancer as a whole. All my condolences go to Alex’s family and friends and his wife Ali! What an inspiration family I wish all the best to family and friends who knew Alex although I didn’t know Alex he seemed like a lovely person and im sure he will be truly missed by family and friends. Rest in peace Alex ❤ xxx

  25. Liam Wilson says:

    This gorgeous guy was exactly the same age as me to the day! He was such an inspiration and his legend will live on in all our hearts forever!

    When you see people like Alex, it makes you wonder why we moan and groan about petty little things like the weather! He had a terminal illness and during the programme: a life in fastforward, we never seen Alex with anything less than a cheeky smile on his face. I will never complain about anything in my life ever again.

    In memory of Alex! R.I.P. You truly are a legend!!!!


  26. Isabelle says:

    I too watched the programme and was so touched but also uplifted. What a lovely lot of people – not only Alex but Ali and their families and friends, He was a remarkable young man.

  27. Aimee says:

    i watched the programme and all i can say is what an inspiration! i was so touched by his story and what an amazing person he is.. his family and friends must be so proud, what an amazing man and what an inspiration.
    thank you for sharing his story with us all and making us realise how precious life is xx

  28. Lindsey says:

    I never leave comments for anything, but after seeing Alex’s story I felt compelled to. I doubt I will find words that will do Alex justice but I will try. As a nurse I see so many people daily who are affected by cancer and their stories astound me. But Alex…..what a happy, courageous, inspiring and infectiously positive man he was. If I could take an ounce of the energy he exuded and live my life to the fullest like he so elegantly did, cherishing every beautiful second of it the way he did then what more could I ask for. Although it made me cry, you could almost palpate the love and positive energy through the screen and I know, that to have that positivity will be my aim from now onwards. He fought for every second of life he lived and he found someone in Ali who was his perfect fit. She was amazing, the strength she had was inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your story Alex, and wherever you are feel proud that it has reached so many people and potentially changed lives. xxx

  29. Debbie says:

    Alex – What a truly amazing person. Your strength and courage is so admirable. The world has lost a great man.

    May you rest in peace.

    Debbie xx

  30. jaime page says:

    I was wondering which charity to raise money for this year and after watching Alex’s story on BBC iPlayer, I was brought to tears and I am now inspired to help raise money for the “Bone Cancer Research Trust”. My heart goes out to Ali, such a brave, strong and lovely girl and to Alex’s family and friends also. Alex was one of the most wonderful people on this planet and im sure it has made us think about how lucky we are. Love and hugs. xxx

  31. I watched the story about Alex for a reason, since watching the programme iv thought about Alex every day and how lucky i am to be here living my life and seeing my beautiful children, I have stopped thinking about all the pointless things in life, all the negative stuff. Alex you are amazing and an inspiration, thank you so much.

    God Bless Mate

  32. AngieV says:

    Alex…such a beautiful soul taken too soon but someone who has left a great legacy with us all, someone who even though we had never met him has tought us to think positive and live life to the full , I am truly touched by him and his strength and courage and also that of his amazing and loving family, my hope is we can all be inspired by your love and devotion, God bless you Alex .

  33. Sophie says:

    I didn’t know Alex, but watched the Documentary, and I feel his story will touch me forever.

    What a wise and wonderful man he was. So positive, I admire him so much. The family, his wife and those around him also showed to be so strong and supportive through the difficult times.

    Thank you Alex and his family, for sharing that part of your life with people; I know you will have inspired many others.

    Sophie x

  34. Becky says:

    I’ve just finished watching your story Alex, and I can not believe the amount of strength that you, your wife, family and friends maintained throughout. It is truly inspirational and I don’t think I will ever forget the strong message you have sent out. I hope that wherever you are, you’re “gezellig” – I’m sure you will be! Much love to everyone that knew Alex and thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. xxx

  35. shiv says:

    RIP Fella,

    You were so strong and brave like a soldier ur smile that touched peoples hearts

    Gezellig forever

  36. Emily W says:

    I watched the show and i thought Alex was a lovely, lovely person. He was so brave, and sharing his battle with the world showed how much of a brave and strong person he was. He was blessed to have an amazing network of family and friends to support him. I have been very closely involved with family and friends who have battled but sadly passed away from cancer and it brought all of the emotions flooding back to me. but then i also remember the good times i had with those people and get the strength to live my life, and to dedicate the good things i do to their memory. I cried watching Alex’s story, and since it was televised I haven’t been able to get Alex out of my head. I hope Alex’s family are well and wish them all the best for the future x

  37. jagmac2306 says:

    Tomorrow, I shall live my life more. I shall treasure each hour. I shall hug my friends. I shall tell my family I love them. Thank you Alex for opening my mind to how precious my time here is. Rest well.

  38. Rachel says:

    I have just watched alex’s story for the second time and found it truly inspirational~what an amazing man with fantastic family and friends! Alex accomplished more in his short life than most people do in a lifetime!
    I feel ashamed that we all get consumed by problems that are not important~Alex has put life into perspective!!
    Thankyou Alex

  39. Erica says:

    I lost my dad to cancer and miss him everyday – watching Alex and Ali and their amazing family made me realise that life is so worth living for and much more , it was all that Alex stood for , all the good, all the fun and all the love of just living that he cherished in his life and shared with everyone who came his way. I cried watching Alex’s and Ali’s story and still am but I am resolved to take on board his inspirational zest for life, go up stairs , hug my kids and kiss my hubby and wake up tomorrow thankful that we got to see a small part of this young man’s incredible gift.Ali you are a very special lady and you must miss him everyday.

  40. Bernadette Gildernew says:

    I am sitting here the morning after watching the show of Alex and his family, I have cried all night. Never before have i saw such courage. I live in the north of Ireland and grew up with the troubles and have lost many friends and thought i had seen bravery, but NEVER like Alex. I have a son the same age as he was and i called him just to tell him how much i love him. I feel ashamed of my-self as i epilepsy and dont go out because i was afraid i would take a siezure, stuff that. I am now planning to go out with my husband and friends. I promise every time i feel unsure if i should go out i will think of this courageous hero. Thank-you for sharing his story. Alex thank-you for making me see life has to be lived to the full. I wish you all well. God bless.

  41. Christina says:

    What a truely inspirational story and thank you to Alex’s family and friends for sharing it with us.. Such a handsome, inspirational and loving guy.. and such a wonderful and supportive wife and family.. Alex’s story has really touched my heart and has reinforced how blessed I am in my life.. I can’t stop thinking about him today and his immense bravery.. What an amazing person with such a beautiful smile that brightened up everyone else’s day.. Life is so unfair..

    Thinking of Alex’s beautiful family and inspirational wife.. Your angel will always be with you..

  42. I saw Alex’s story last night and he was amazing. Incredible. I am still emotional about Alex and that he is gone, I feel I got to know him so well in the hour programme. God Bless Alex and those that love him. You are all beautiful people.
    Love Sam x

  43. jody atkins says:

    watched this remarkable program about such a remarkable person last night.Although i didnt know alex pesonaly,i was truely inspired by his attitude.If only more people existed in this world with alexs view on life,this world might be a better place.REST IN PEACE.

  44. susan stoten says:


  45. Charlie Bell says:

    I know I am echoing what people before me have said, but I am quite simply bowled over by this young man, his amazing family and one helluva wife! To say you are inspiring is an understatement… Thank god for people like you! I hope you can take something positive from such a hard experience; Alex certainly got his courage, warmth and zip from his family!

  46. Rosie Pearce says:

    Hey Alex….. What a win to QPR!!.. You would have loved it I know.. but you are too much of a star to ever thrive on anyone elses losses.. just to have lived your own,, victories.. xx
    Rosie west London..

  47. Josh V says:

    A true inspiration to life; A credit to the human race and a true gentleman. R.I.P Alex.

  48. Eve says:

    I completely relate to Louise’s post of 22 July. An angel indeed. The ease with which he touched so many hearts, his smile, his wit, his zest for life… I watched the documentary last week and I am still in total awe of him as well as the whole family. I think you are all so brave. To be confronted with a terminal illness is a heavy cross, but the way he dealt with it is so inspiring. Watching the documentary moved me so much and I thank you for sharing it with us. Mom lost her battle last year December and she too was so positive during the 5 and a half years of living with terminal cancer, like Alex she made it so easy for all of us. Of course Alex’s life hadn’t really begun when he was diagnosed which must be heartbreaking and I wish you all a lot of strength especially now that the days are getting shorter and the feelings of missing him must be getting harder and harder to bare. I am trying to think of happy memories.
    A warm hug from Belgium to all of you xxx

  49. valerie says:

    Watched this documentary and cried my eyes out.What a truly spiritual and wonderful man.He has put everything for me in a different light.Embrace,enjoy and love every minute of our precious lives.What a total inspiration he was and is.Keep our loyal loving friends and family close.Rid yourself of people who drag you down.Alex you are a true true shining star.One of Gods beautiful angels.Why people like Alex are taken too young we will never know.He will live on in his lovely wife,family and friends.God bless and protect you all xxxxx

  50. Emma Kirkham says:

    I’ve just watched Alex’s documentary again on YouTube. I watched it first when it was first on BBC3 and it had a profound effect on me. Seeing Alex’s strength and spirit was truly inspiring and I think of him, Ali and his amazing family and friends often. I just wanted you to know that his life has touched more people you will ever know. God bless you all. Much love Emma Kirkham

  51. Laura says:

    I have just watched this, i have recently been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and going through my first session of chemotherapy, Alex is definitely an insipration and amazing for spreading the word as i feel this bone cancer isnt recognised enough

    Respect to Alex! Thoughts and love to his family and friends x

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