If there is one thing that reminds me of Alex…

I’m currently say munching my way through a rather large £6’s worth of Pick and mix, this is something we did far to regularly Alex!
i’ve sat for a long time trying to think about what to write here as a fitting tribute and memory of you mate, but its impossible, you really were so special in so many ways. Your cheeky laugh was infectious, and once we had started laughing (about something inappropriate no doubt), there was no stopping it. Your amazing determination to continue playing tennis despite the limited use of your arm always amazed me or should i say annoyed me at the fact i still couldn’t win! The way in which you showed me so much support on issues in my life, that were minuscule compared with worries you had, but still you gave them thought and believe it or not, came up with sensible advice!
The main way in which you have influenced me al pal is showing me how to truly make the most of our time here, keeping up with where you were in the country (and out of it) was exhausting enough (sure Angela and Andy felt the same!), every day you were off somewhere else, seeing other friends, spreading more of your infectious happiness!

Wasn’t sure how to finish this off, then strangely this song just came on randomly on spotify, never actually heard it before but just heard the lyrics towards the end of it and really is true – ‘i would give it all back just to do it again, turn back time, be with my friend’
love you buddy,


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