Al Pal

Ad, Em, Al. My last day at Brightwell School

Having grown up with Alex for the last 18 years, I feel so lucky to have shared so many amazing memories with him. We had such a fun childhood together growing up in Brightwell and I just remember spending most of our time rushing around outside making up new games, playing tennis, and eating penny sweets from the village shop!

Last March, when Al told me that he had booked a flight out to Australia and would be arriving in 48 hours, I can’t explain how excited I was. The 4 weeks that we spent travelling up the East Coast with Ali, Jamie, Tom and Luke were without a doubt the happiest moments of my life and I will always feel so grateful to have had that time with him.

Life without Alex is something that I can barely remember, and I will miss him every day. But he has taught me such a huge amount, and his positive approach towards everything is something that will always stick with me. I will never meet another person quite as special as Alex, but I know that the wonderful memories he has given us all will keep us smiling for a long time. He truly was a perfect person and the best friend I could ever wish for.

In Lanzarote, 2008

My favourite picture of Al – Fraser Island, March 2010

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