A year ago today, Alex asked me and Alastair for Ali’s hand in marriage. I will never forget the day – Alex had asked Alastair at home that morning but wanted to also speak to me, so I had a call from Alastair saying that Alex wanted to speak to us. I guessed what this might be about because I knew by then how strongly he and Ali felt about each other. I was at work, so the two of them into town and met me at a cafe nearby where there is a lovely, bright courtyard space which I thought would be a quiet place for us to talk. Alex had written the most thoughtful and caring words which moved us both very much Phone calls to Angela and Andy followed and it was very hard to return to work without showing something very exciting was happening! There followed a week of secret texts and phone calls to and from Alex while he worked out a plan to ask Ali. This was one of the most exciting weeks ever and one I will never forget. I have been back to the place Alex asked us today to think back quietly and to remember. We will never forget the excitement of those days with you Alex and the joy you brought us. Linda

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