This photo sums al up for me

There is so much to say about the main man as i call Al or rockstar as he was always here there and everywhere!
i had the pleasure of spending alot of time with Alex as i never went to uni, so i saw him pretty much most days. Al was always in and out of hospitals, which he didnt really like.
the man was on a mission all of his life and on the go 24/7 and i loved spending every minute with him from sitting infront of the t.v to going on holidays all over with him. Al changed me as a person the first day i saw him in the hospital when i found out he had cancer. if i could see him or make his time easier in hospital i was there and like wise at home. he had so much going through his mind and i dont no how he kept it all together. i wanted to be around him all the time because i never had as much fun or had a bond like that with a friend but we were lucky as our friendship group is amazing and you know who you all are!
i have so many memories and more keep coming back to me like al and me singing to the winky winky bum bum poo poo song! ( find it on youtube, al used to sing it at that high pitch voice) or alex and me saying zinfandel in a strange way and our odd look we didnt to the camera

he brought so much fun into my life and i think about him so many times a day, i miss him so much but i will see Al again, hes just on a long holiday. love you always main man

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