The Boy Who Lived

I too live in Brightwell and I knew of Alex’s story

I was so moved by the programme I felt that I had to write down some brief thoughts off my own. You can read them here

Best wishes to all the family,

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  1. Michelle Squires says:

    I felt compelled to look up this wonderful boy and was happy to find this site so wanted to say something. I caught the programme on BBC1 last night and was completely bowled over by such a wonderful young man. I have a daughter who was born a week before Alex in Feb ’89. She has had her problems and was lucky to survive a very serious diabetic coma two years ago. I sometimes now forget about that and don;t appreciate how lucky I am to still have her. After watching Alex last night I do now. What can I say he was an absolute joy of a boy and he packed more into his 22 years of life love and laughter than some people who live for 80 years. He is a complete inspiration and the love and warmth from his wonderful family and friends I felt priveliged to be given an insight into his world and can only say that he must have brought so much happines to your lives for the lenghth of time that you had him and his beautiful smiling face in your lives. As for Ali I was so happy for him to have found such love when he was going through a most horrendous illness. When she explained how in the middle of the night when he was having bad pain she would distract him from his pain by reminding him of their funny times together I cried. This was true love and I was so happy to see them marry. He died a happy man having fulfilled as much iin his life with his family, friends and wife. His wonderful legacy will live on in his lovely friends and I would just like to say thank you for sharing your wonderful boy with us all. Michelle Squires

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